One Year Ago

Wednesday, October 01, 2014
One year ago, I woke up early morning. I took a bath and I wore batik. I went to TransJakarta bus stasiun. I got TransJakarta. That day I wanted to go somewhere. After I got TransJakarta, I got minibus. Then I walked for about 15 minutes till I found a building. 

I asked security and I told him that I wanted to meet someone. The security said that the person who I wanted to see has not came yet. Then I sat on the long chair. 

I saw people on and off in front of me. Nobody I knew. But some of them I ever seen their faces. I was still sat on the chair until the bell rang. The security tried to take a phone. I though he called the person who I wanted to see. After closed the phone, the security said to me,"Please be patient to wait, because she was 'morning talk'.

'Okay.' I said it in my heart. And the time was come..

She, the person who I wanted to see, came to meet me. She told me that I should follow her. We went upstairs and we stopped in front of empty table. Then the woman went. I just kept silent.

Some people looked at me. And the people who said around the empty table instructed office boy to clean the empty table. After that, I pleased to the empty table.

I introduced my self, "My name was Mia."

A man beside the empty table said,"Mia or Zaitun?"

"My name was Zaitun Hakimiah. But you could call me Mia." I said.

Then, a fat man welcomed me and I followed him to introduce my self to the people. It was so strange for me. So, I never forgot it.


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